Five Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Plumber

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plumbers-06Waiting until there is a problem before finding a professional can lead to high bills and poor service. It is important to do your research and select a plumber before your sink clogs or toilet refuses to flush. While doing your research, you need to ask the following questions to ensure you pick the right company for future jobs.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

When you are looking at companies, it is important to note how long they have been in business serving your area. Those with several years of experience often have a proven record of accomplishment providing excellent work. If it is a new company, ask how many years of experience their workers have. It does not hurt to ask, and it will actually help you narrow the list to a plumber you know can handle the job.

Do They Have Insurance?

All reputable plumbing companies carry insurance. The insurance works to protect the plumber while he is on the job. It also protects you in the event there is an accident or the worker sustains an injury. Some companies also require their workers

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Tips For A Successful House Painting Project

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download (1)Painting your house is a fun and exciting project. Transforming your walls is a great art since choosing the right paint colors and matching them with the right interior is not an easy job. Skill, experience and knowledge yield high quality results. There are several companies that provide painting services just as you will find computer repair services. Painting is an intricate task and requires a lot of hard work, attention and care. Hence, it is better to hire the services of painting professionals as you would hire a computer repair technician when your computer needs services.

Here’s how you should take up the painting project of your home:

1. Follow the Trends

Painting your house using the colors of the season can be very tempting. Guide books are issued so homeowners can copy ideas to refurbish their homes. This is even important when you have a small budget since you will not want to take a chance for mistakes and blunders. Painting companies are aware of the new trends; however, if you have chosen a specific style, make it known to them beforehand. Moreover, before

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How To Paint Your House The Right Way

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house-paints-01Are you looking to give your house a fresh lease of life? Painting is one of the cheap and quick ways to give your house a makeover. However, many people find painting the house to be an absolutely tedious process that consumes a great deal of time and energy. By making a proper plan and understanding the various aspects with regard to painting, it is possible for you to get the best outcome.

Go for a comprehensive painting plan

When it comes to painting your house, each and every area needs to taken into account. A proper plan should be designed well before jumping onto the painting task. It is important that you determine what colors do you wish to see in your house, what type of color to use, which are the areas you are looking to cover and many other such crucial aspects should be sorted out in the beginning itself. These steps would definitely help a great deal in saving time and money. Note down any interesting ideas or themes that you may have in your mind so that you will b e

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How To Choose Wood Floor Underlay

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Summary: What you need to know about underlay for timber flooring, and how to choose the best type for your area.

Isn’t underlay for carpets?

The answer to this question is yes, it is for carpets, but you will also need to add underlay to your flooring project if you are to install a floating floor. A floating floor is a wooden floor that is not affixed to the floor below. Whether it’s solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring, underlay is needed for cushioning of the wood… but there are many more factors more factors than just that. Let’s have a look at what you’ll need to consider when selecting your underlay.

Sound insulation

Some types of underlay are excellent at absorbing sound. This is particularly important to consider if the wooden flooring is on a second or third floor – making noises heard overhead for those below. This is also a consideration in a large open space, the sounds of the floor will reverberate around the area.

If this is an important factor, look for underlay with advanced sound proofing properties.


Density affects how much the underlay will absorb the downward movement of the flooring, if there is sporadic or continuous pressure applied. A

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Common Plumbing Issues in the Kitchen

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For most homeowners, kitchen plumbing issues are generally basic. Since the kitchen is the most widely used areas of the house, any plumbing issue, if left unchecked, may lead to major disasters and heavy expenses for homeowners. Some issues may be very small, but some do require a help of the professional plumber.

Leaky Kitchen Faucet

This reasons water waste and an irritating dribbling sound throughout the day and night. The issue may be because of a deterred aerator which is a little screen on the end of your spigot you find that there is an indication of fine particles on it when unscrewing the aerator, then most likely the water leakage is because of this hindrance. You may try to let the water flow without the aerator for a while and then fix everything again and check for leaks again. If it continues, then the issue could be with the washer or the O-ring seal.

Obstructed or Leaking Kitchen Sink

Another common issue faced in the kitchen plumbing is of clogged or leaking kitchen sink. Stuff like oil and cleanser more often than not gags the p trap beneath the kitchen sink which is put to keep the sewer gas far from home.

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4 Fall Plumbing Fixes to Avoid Burst Pipes in Winter

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Winter temperatures can bring a lot of problems to your home’s plumbing. Many home owners return from a winter’s vacation to find their basement, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room flooded. This is because the freezing temperatures can damage your pipes, causing floods.

Here are four ways you can prevent this problem. These solutions are perfect for the fall:

1. Insulate Your Pipes

The cold can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Pipes can freeze when temperatures dip below freezing.

If there is water flowing through your pipes, it has a high likelihood of freezing. For example, the pipes running to your bathroom will have some water in them at all times. Even a small amount can freeze when it gets cold.

When the water freezes, it expands. Then, when the pipes warm, the ice thaws, releasing gasses that put pressure on the inside of your pipes. This will make them break, or burst. This leads to flooding and can cause electrocution risks.

By insulating your pipes, you can keep them warm and avoid freezing. Have your plumber insulate your most used pipes to keep your flood risk low.

2. Turn Off All Hoses and Unused Faucets

Outdoor hoses can have similar problems with freezing. More so because they’re

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Plumbing Checklist for Outdoor Plumbing

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So far we have discussed about the plumbing of the interiors of the house. But outside plumbing is equally important to be taken care of. The external damages not only increases the deterioration of the building but also to your pockets. In this post we will discuss about the plumbing checklist that one has to keep a check on for maintaining the beauty of the exteriors of the house as well.


Outside plumbing is important. The external damages deteriorates the building. Keep a check on for maintaining the beauty of the exteriors of the house.The water sprinklers in the garden gives an immaculate looks to the garden. Properly watered plants keep the garden looks lush green and beautiful and adding to the beauty of the house. But any damage to the sprinklers may lead to over watered gardens, and may damage it as well. They can spoil the roots of the plants and may impact their health. The dripping sprinklers has to be checked and fixed from time to time.


Do you have a tap outside your house for cleaning or car washing. But you have to keep a check that the faucets are well maintained and they should not be leaking.

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Plumbing Tools

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The plumbing industry is an evergreen industry. As long as there is water to supply to someplace, there is the requirement for plumbers. These professionals are unique people who know how stuff works when it comes to taking care of transporting water around within a household. The piping system is already too complex for a normal human to understand – add complicated taps, showers and toilets to it, and you are done for. If something goes wrong, all hell breaks loose. No one knows what to do. Plumbers are then called to save the day.

Here is a list of tools that a plumber carries with him everywhere he goes.

First, a plumber always has a plier. Pliers are a tool that are shaped like scissors but are used for grabbing rather than cutting. The plier heads have teeth cut into them to provide better grip at whatever the plumber grabs with it. A pair of pliers works better at opening up pipes than a pipe wrench. One plier the plumber uses for unscrewing while the other he uses for holding the pipe down in place.

Second, a professional plumber always carries a basic wrench with him. Whenever the plumbers come across a

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4 Plumbing Improvements That Save You Money

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1. Replace Your Water Heater

Yes, this article is about saving you money by improving your plumbing system. And, it may seem strange to start off a money saving article by suggesting a fairly big purchase. But, if you are struggling with getting enough hot water into your home… if it is impossible to fill your bath tub with hot water, or if you can’t even get through a normal shower or washing the dishes, then you are wasting money. Every day. Every shower… every time you do the dishes.

As water heaters get older, problems develop. One of the first, and biggest warning signs is lack of warm water. Or, water that isn’t hot enough.

The more the heater needs to work to give you the amount you need, the more electric (or gas) it will consume. So, it costs you more money every time you turn the faucet to hot.

There could be problems with the heater that require it to be replaced. At worst, you have to put out some cash for one, but will save in the long run.

Have a plumber inspect the water heater. You may find a lesser problem that only requires a small fix. For example, a

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5 Important Aspects of Green Plumbing

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As more and more people are focusing towards reducing their carbon mark on the planet and environment, everything is now focusing on green living. The term green means to save, reutilize and minimize wastage. Other than the use of solar energy, the new concept that is now in the homes is green plumbing. Green plumbing holds the same meaning as of the term green living – to lessen water use, reuse water that has as of now been utilized and utilize maintainable materials. Green plumbing is one of the least complex approaches to save money and restore the well-being of our planet.

Fixing leaks

Plumbing leaks are the most common issue faced in nearly every home. The slightest of the leaks can result in heavy wastages. The most imperative steps you can take to save water utilization in your house is to discover any leaks in your plumbing framework, including pipes, spigots, and toilets. These leaks can be created by old pipes, shattered toilet flappers, dripping fixtures, spilling valves – the list goes on forever.

Low flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads

Low-flow toilets are another incredible green plumbing alternative. The establishment of a low-flow shower head, a low-flow toilet or a double flush can

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Most Effective DIY Ways To Save Water

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An average household of four family members wastes about 300 litres of reusable water per day. South African water systems will not be able to cope for much longer, at the rate things are going. Here are some simple, and effective ways that you can save it without changing your lifestyle.

Researchers say that in less than 20 years, the water demand in South Africa will exceed the available resources. With the growing global population and the increasing demand on available water, South Africans could be looking at permanent water restrictions and penalties in the near future, if measures aren’t taken.

Municipal water used for gardening is estimated at 30-50% of the total domestic water use in South Africa. Let’s be honest, will you allow your beautiful green garden to dry out, and suffer in this heat? That’s why more people are reusing their grey water for gardening.

What is Grey Water?

Grey water is reusable water made up of that from the hand basin, bath, shower and washing machine, that can be used in the garden.

Experts say that many diluted soap residues can provide useful sulphates and nitrates which is more beneficial to plants than clean tap water.

This way, you can save money

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Benefits of Green Walls

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Green Walls

Also known as a bio wall, wall garden, or vertical garden, a green wall is a self-sufficient garden, which grows vertically and can exist both on the exterior or interior of a building. They usually consist of a growing medium that is encased by a strong membrane, which holds the plants in while allowing for plant growth and irrigation.

In addition to the break-taking scenery, wall gardens have many outdoor and indoor benefits that make them an obvious choice.

Outdoor Benefits of Green Walls:

Applications vary in size basically depending on the desired effect, microclimate, budget and available space. Some of the outdoor benefits of green walls include, but not limited to:

1. Aesthetic appeal; can turn a dull and dreary house into an alluring and inviting home, and have an instant “wow” effect.

2. Increased biodiversity in cities; help mitigate the loss of biodiversity because of the negative effects of urbanization.

3. Reduced noise pollution; they do not only make buildings/homes more aesthetically appealing, but they also help in absorbing sounds. The structure of green walls helps reduce the high frequency noise by absorbing and reflecting any noise that comes its’ way.

4. Building structure protection; they offer buildings protection by helping control the climate.

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Preparing Your House to Be Painted

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You may be inspired to add some color to your own walls. Choosing the paint color is up to you. To help you get started, we’ve created a guide with all the essentials. Painting tools come in various shapes and sizes; however, you only really need the following tools for a basic paint project. If you decide that you plan to do a lot of painting, you can start to look at specialty tools.

We’re big fans of the standard painter’s tape for taping off trim and ceilings. For detailed work, like creating stripes or working around glass, creates a tighter seal around the edges.

Having a drop cloth will mean less clean up later. Use it to protect floors and furniture from drips of paint. Really, no matter how careful you are, there will be drips. Plastic drop cloth is a great temporary option – just crumple it up and dump it in the garbage when finished. The cheapest option is to lay old newspapers on the floor and window sills. Another option is to buy a paper roll to protect your floors. The extra paper has myriad uses!

One annoying thing about most paint trays is that you have to refill

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Tips To Choose The Most Appropriate Paint Brush

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Choosing the correct paint brush is quite essential for the successful completion of any painting projects. There are various types of brushes which can be used for different purposes. Brushes used by artists are quite different from those which are used by painters. Therefore it is important to understand the basic features of these tools before choosing the most appropriate one.

Brushes are available in different sizes and shapes for different types of projects. Each product is made for a particular purpose and it has its own specific features and qualities. There are synthetic and natural brushes made in different shapes and sizes.

Understanding The Different Types:

Stiff Varieties: These types of brushes are made of thick and rough materials such as synthetic fiber or hog hair. It is ideally used for thick oil paint products and acrylics. It is widely used for the application of a huge amount of paint onto the canvas and to create brush strokes in the canvas. However, it is not suitable for water color painting.

Soft Varieties: Another commonly used product includes the soft brushes which are quite ideal for completing detail work. It can be used to spread a thin coat of paint onto the canvas. Sable

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Choosing the Right Painting Company

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The case is to, often, choose a painting contractor or company that your close friend or family member has once used. There are times, though, that you’re the first among your friends to choose, or maybe you want to be independent and find out who truly is the best to use for your interior or exterior project. After all, this is your house we’re talking about; not just some old place. So when you do that search on Google or look through the Yellow pages, you probably want to choose a company that:

1) Offers more services than just painting.

2) How long they have been in business.

3) Has samples of work.

4) Consults you about what paint to use.

More services can go a long way. For instance, what if the painter makes a mistake? You might find yourself going back to the drawing board all over again trying to find a service to help fix that problem. That’s why finding a contractor or company that does services like drywall, pressure washing, stucco and stucco repair will benefit you. Think if it this way: if there is already a problem with your exterior or interior, would you want the painters to fix it

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4 Steps to a Perfect Paint Job

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Looking to freshen up the rooms in your home? Want a new, updated, modern look?

Interior painting is one home improvement project that can quickly refresh your home’s interior for relatively little time and money. That’s the power of a coat of paint: Color changes everything.

Most of us can do an acceptable job of painting a room. But an experienced professional painter can add a very professional touch to your home. They know techniques and tricks that make them better painters and they have specialized equipment (brushes, sprayers, etc) that enable them to paint the perfect edge effortlessly… something that is very difficult for the non-pro to pull off.

I will share with you some secrets and provide you with more than enough to get better results and give your work more efficiency. Some of what you’ll read may surprise you. Painters spend two to four days on an average-size room.

That’s how long it takes to prep, prime and paint correctly.

You must check for lead paint. If you have a home built before 1978. hire a qualified lead expert to check it out before you begin any work. Some older homes still have lead paint in the original layers.

To begin, move everything

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How To Prevent The Paint On Your Home Walls From Peeling

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The paint on a surface starts peeling when there is moisture that accumulates between the layer of the paint and the surface below it. As the paint peels, it becomes easier for the moisture to get into the underlying area, and this results in more peeling. This starts a never-ending cycle, and to stop this, you should keep the surface away from any moisture. Follow these steps to prevent blistering paint:

Keep The Interiors Dry And Moisture Free

Be mindful of the relative humidity inside the house. Try using kitchen fans or bath fans to keep out the moisture. An ideal relative humidity is below 55% in cold months, but if it is too high, then use fans more frequently.

Repair The Walls

Check your walls for cracks and holes, and repair them. You can use a patching compound for this. Apply the compound with a putty knife and smooth it into a thin layer, to fill in these areas along the wall. Allow the patching compound to dry completely before you repaint the walls.

Rough Up The Old Paint

When you paint first, rough up the old paint on the surface with sandpaper. Small imperfections, indentations or cracks can be mended with this technique.

Use A

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Selecting Paint Colors for Your Home

Posted on November 30, 2015 By

When it comes to projects around the house, whether working with a professional or doing it yourself, the one that sends most homeowner’s stress levels through the roof is the selection of paint colors.

A friend recently shared the story of his sister and her paint selection saga. After loving the three tones he had used in his living room, his sister decided that it was time she repaint her living and dining rooms. Since she was very fond of the colors used by her brother it seemed a fairly straight-forward that she would select a shade or two from the same color family and painting would ensue. Three years later she is still putting up samples then standing and staring with eyes wide in terror; fearful that she will make a mistake. Her brother refuses to enter her home until this madness is concluded which, I’m certain, only adds fuel to her fires of insecurity.

While extreme, this story represents the all too familiar look of fear shared by home-owners when it’s time to paint the walls of a room in their home. Baffled by where to start, nervous about picking something that everyone will hate and somehow convinced that the

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Exterior Painting Preparation Ideas

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Take extra time to prepare properly for your exterior painting project is a direct investment of your time and money. Good exterior painting preparation has been proven to help the paint last longer, look better and prevent other related problems such as mold growth, chipping and peeling. Get started on your successful exterior painting project by reading and following the exterior painting preparation steps below. If you just aren’t up to painting on your own, then make it easy on yourself by finding a professional and reliable painter in your city.

Prepare Yourself

Exterior panting preparation is a dirty job, so you should wear clothes that you don’t mind dirtying. Furthermore, you will be getting wet, so keep that in mind as well when you select your clothes for this project and prepare for it before one day. It is also essential and safe that you wear protective goggles, especially during the scraping process. Chipped-off paint and other materials could easily fly into your eyes and cause serious damage to your eyes. Don’t take any chances be safe: Prepare properly by having a good pair of goggles or protective glasses. Work gloves are also necessary and important for protecting your hands during

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5 Things to Consider When You Book Onsite Spray Painting Services

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Many businesses will regrettably come across a part of their building that requires a repair of some kind. Unfortunately, unless you are skilled in building refurbishments, it can be difficult to identify a well qualified and reputable contractor.

In this article, I will discuss 5 things that you should take into consideration before you commit to a contractor and work begins with regards to onsite spray painting.

1. Quotations

First things first, you should definitely be contacting a number of local contractors and ask for a quotation. Any reputable brand or organisation will not have an issue with this. If you find that a specific company would like to charge for a quotation, it’s best to move on. There will be hundreds of onsite spray painting organisations that will be willing to travel so don’t worry too much about the distance. As I mentioned above, it’s worth contacting the local companies first though. Look nationwide when you have started to run out of options.

2. Costs and Budget

If you have a specific budget, its best to be realistic. It’s probably worth getting a local contractor to complete any refurbishments for you. If you employ the skills of a company in Edinburgh and you are

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